WHAT IS MSG Leasing?
Your One Stop Resource for Leasing, Renting, Liquidation Sales, Auctions and Fleet Management of Heavy Equipment.

To provide the highest level of heavy mobile equipment sales and services at fair and market competitive prices, while maintaining the highest level of professionalism, integrity, honesty, and fairness in our relationship with our customers, suppliers, and professional colleagues alike.

MSG Equipment Services is a company that provides expertise in equipment sales and rental solutions for end-users on a global basis. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we have used the latest advancements in technology to provide our clients with a user-friendly professional experience. We cater to all echelons of heavy equipment sales and rentals knowing that a company is only as good as the promises it keeps. For whatever possibility of services you may need; our arsenal of products including; Consulting, Brokerage, Acquisitions, Appraisals, Used Equipment Sales and Online Auctions, will be a sure-fit for your company when you need us most.

Leasing your equipment through MSG Leasing, offers numerous advantages over other financing options.

If it appreciates buy it, if it depreciates lease it

J. Paul Getty

Vice President